Promotion of the month

Good news people. We will have different kinds of promotion each month. *yay!*

Promotion of the month for July and August will be...

*drums roll*

Buy 5 free 1!

So, hurry up people and keep those emails coming in. :)

(Yes yes i know we don't have enough items for you to want to buy 5 of them yet. That's why this promotion is running for 2 months!)

Choose your flavor!

Like my designs but so not the color?

Fret not! You can totally choose your own colors. Mix and match with your favourite colors and love it even more. :)

Just hit me an email and tell me which colors you want.


Colors available:

Red Green Blue Black Brown White Yellow Orange Purple Pink

Choose your flavor today!

p/s: Email me for a clearer picture of the colors if the picture above is too small. :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Dear people,

I know I have not been updating this blog for a super long time, but I've been really really this past few months. :(

So, for now updates will be halted for awhile until I am ready to continue.

However, customized orders are still available. Feel free to email me about your enquiries and and I'll try my best to fulfill them for you! :)

Lastly, thanks to those who ordered and customized their orders from me. Thanks lots for your support!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dude's so cool he's got rainbow over his head!

ok. so it's not exactly the coolest title in the world.

anyway, i've added 2 more designs to my collection!

a rainbow and a cool guy. grab each for only RM5, and remember that the promotion of buy 5 free 1 is still valid!

also, you can totally recreate them in any colors that you like, all at no extra charges. how cool is that?

i'll be coming out with a few new faces soon, so do remember check back by the end of this week!

in the mean time, email if you are interested or if you have any enquiries, and i hope you enjoy my designs. :)

Monday, July 14, 2008

My favourite childhood thing.

Did you remember like 10 years ago, most of us are obsessed with gameboys? Yes, those games had us all playing all day and night, what with the Pokemon craze back then. :)

Introducing, the classic yellow gameboy.

Looks cute huh. Feeling a little nostalgic already? Get this baby at only RM5 each.

Remember, you can totally mix and match the colors according to your preference! Want a green gameboy with blue buttons and black screen? Just send us an email already!

Play with the colors and have fun! :)

p/s: For now, these come without chains, but you can so totally make a necklace out of this if you've a plain chain. Be creative as to what you want to do with it. I've got some ideas already!

pp/s: If you still dont have any ideas, they can be made into magnets, brooch, necklaces, etc. Hey, maybe I'll even sell all these ready made next time. Who knows? *winks*

Of course, do email us at anytime if you're interested. :)

I've got cool stuff yo!

Hey people! We're new. :)

From our header, I guess you can already tell what we are gonna sell huh? Anyway, yup you're right. We're selling pixel arts, or Perler beads designs to be exact.

I'll be coming out with a new design every week on Sunday. So, do check back every week!

Till then, happy shopping. :D